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Description of Montesquieu volume in series entitled International Library of Essays in the History of Social and Political Thought, Farnham, England and Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishers Limited, 2009

The publisher has provided the following description of the overall goals of the project to which this Montesquieu makes a contribution: “This series brings together collections of important essays dealing with the work of major figures in the history of social and political thought. The aim is to make accessible the complete text with the original pagination of those essays which should be read by all scholars working in that field. In each case, the selection is made from the extensive available literature by an established expert who has a keen sense of the continuing relevance of the history of social and political thought for contemporary theory and practice. The selection is made on the basis of the quality and enduring significance of the essays in question. Every volume has an introduction that places the selection made in the context of the wider literature, the historical period, the contemporary state of scholarship and the editor's particular interests. The general series editor is Tom D. Campbell, Centre for Applied and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, Australia.”

The essays chosen by this volume on Montesquieu were selected by David W. Carrithers. The volume is divided into ten parts. The essays in Part I, the Persian Letters are by Orest Ranum, Ronald Grimsley, and Allessandro S. Crisafulli. The essays in Part II, Roman history, are by David Lowenthal and Richard Myers. The essays in Part III, the Methodology of The Spirit of Laws, are by C.P., Courtney, David Young, Emile Durkheim, and George Klosko. The essays in Part IV, Republics, are by David Lowenthal, Nannerl Keohane, David Carrithers, and Christopher Wolfe. The essays in Part V, Monarchies, are by Sharon Krause, Kent Wright, and Melvin Richter. The essays in Part VI, Despotisms, are by Melvin Richter, David Young, and Roger Boesche. The essays in Part VII, England, are by Robert Shackleton, M.J.C. Vile, and Pierre Manent. The essays in Part VIII, Religion, are by Roger Oake and Diana Schaub. The essays in Part IX, Commerce, Economics and International Relations, are by Nicos Devletoglou and Stephen Rosow. The essays in Part X, Philosophy of History, are by Gilbert Chinard and David Carrithers.

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